Shell Island Dolphin & Snorkel Cruise

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  • 3.5  hour cruise
  • $40+tax for Adults (Ages 13 & Up)
  • $30+tax for Children (Ages 3-12)
  • $10+tax for Youth (Ages 0-2)
  • BOOK ONLINE up to 2 hours prior to cruise departure time.
  • Price includes snorkel gear (mask & snorkel). Fins are available upon request, but aren’t recommended for use in shallow areas where we snorkel. Feel free to bring water shoes.
  • You may bring your own picnic lunch (no coolers or drinks, just light food/snacks). We sell drinks and snacks at the snack bar as well. Waters, sodas and snacks are just $1 while beer and wine is $3.

Cruise Details:
The “Snorkel & Dolphin Shell Island Cruise” is where you can embrace what the day brings! It is 3.25 hours of fun in the sun! It could be a wild dolphin encounter, watching dolphins and learning about their habits, or possibly swimming in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico with dolphins! (Please read dolphin disclaimer below.) Then we’ll take you to the beautiful St. Andrews Bay where we will find the day’s best spot for more fun. We will anchor in approximately 5 feet of water where you can snorkel for seashells and catch a glimpse of the underwater world, learn about local sea-life, or just relax and float while you take in the sun. You can also wade through the shallow water onto Shell Island to hunt for shells or try out the stand-up paddleboards. Our brand new fast water slide can be fun access into the water or just take the staircase! We always hope the conditions will line up just right so we are able to do all of the above, but the itinerary is based on the weather and conditions for your safety and enjoyment. This cruise is just as laid-back and relaxing as it is fun, with upbeat music playing in the background and games and dancing on our way back to the dock. So let loose and let the experienced captain and crew show you some Island Time fun!

Special Note: Please plan accordingly, we do not allow smoking onboard the boat.

***Please read Disclaimer About Dolphins at bottom of page.***

Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure time. If everyone in your party is not checked in 10 minutes prior to departure you may lose your spots to a guest on our waiting list and not be eligible for a refund. If anyone in your group needs to cancel please call the office, we must be notified 24 hours prior to receive a refund. If you or anyone in your group does not show up you will not receive a refund and will not be eligible to reschedule. All cruises are subject to cancel due to capacity minimums.

Plan to come wearing your swimsuits and pack a beach bag with towels, hats, cameras, sunglasses, and sunscreen (no aerosol sprays). Also, we sell beer, wine, sodas, water, chips, candy, etc. However we do not offer lunch-type foods, so if you’d like to bring on sandwiches and food you may do so, just NO DRINKS, NO COOLERS.

If it seems a storm is approaching, the crew and office staff keep watch on the radar and discuss options. If you are nervous about inclement weather you can cancel and reschedule at any time, but cancelling the cruise is usually a last minute decision. It is highly recommended that you let the Island Time management make the call. If a trip is cancelled due to bad weather you will have the opportunity to cancel, reschedule, or be refunded.


Disclaimer About Dolphins

The dolphins are wild animals in their natural habitat, they are not in tanks or netted areas. It is highly recommended that you wear polarized sunglasses to cut the glare on the water to be able to better see the beautiful wild dolphins. Swimming with the dolphins is NOT A GUARANTEE; it depends on the current conditions and is up to the captain’s discretion. If the dolphins are feeding, mating, swimming in the shipping channel, or if the waves are too rough we will not be able to swim with them. Swimming with the dolphins does not mean you will be able to touch or pet them, it only means being in the water with them swimming around you. They could be two to twenty feet from you or not come up to you at all. However, it is pretty rare for us to not see the dolphins. If the captain is unable to anchor the boat near the dolphins you will spend that time viewing them from the boat, which can sometimes be a better vantage point and also very exciting as they sometimes get curious or put on a show.

We love our local dolphins and want them to flourish for future generations to enjoy. We wish they would be as excited to see us as we are to see them! But unfortunately, that would mean that they are being fed by people on boats, which is not only illegal, but ultimately dangerous for the dolphins. When conditions are safe and dolphins are around, there are many times when we are lucky enough to have dolphins come right up to the swimmers in the water. And the experience can be amazing! But it is not every time…that is the thrill of swimming with WILD dolphins. When it happens it is by their own choice! Not being forced through training or lured with illegal food.

These are wild animals in their natural habitat doing what they want to do. Our encounters observe them on their terms and depend on what they are doing and their mood. Encounters happen pretty often; however, there is no way that we can guarantee it. We are bound by the laws of The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 and subsequent amendments, in addition to the laws of the State of Florida. We are not allowed to feed or harass dolphins, so we don’t and are very strict about that. Thank you for understanding.


**Online bookings only available up to 2 hours prior to departure time.

Afterwards, please call (850)234-7377 if you want to go today.**