Photo Gallery

Recent Photos from some of our Sunset and Snorkel Cruises!

  • water-mat-while-snorkeling-pcb

    Take a break from snorkeling!

  • swimming with the dolphins

    Swim with the dolphins!

  • fantastic snorkel trip finds-whelk and starfish

    Fun snorkel finds!

  • watermelon fun in the captain chair!

    Watermelon fun in the Captain’s chair!

  • snorkel-st-andrews-bay-shell-island

    Snorkeling on the bay side of Shell Island

  • snorkel-shell-island-pcb-drone-image

    Snorkeling on the Gulf side of Shell Island

  • double-decker-waterslide-fun

    Our new waterslide!

  • sunset-cruise-pcb

    This is the life!

  • shell island snorkeling fun

    At the island!

  • emerald-coast-group-starfish

    Having fun!

  • emerald-coast-group-sail-snorkel-water

    Fish-eye view!

  • emerald-coast-group-sail

    Come sail away…

  • island-time-sailing-pcb-catamaran

    On our way!

  • snorkeling find sea urchin

    Fun for all ages!

  • sailboat sunset dolphin cruise

    Fire Red Sunsets!