About the Island Time Catamarans

Check Out The Best Catamarans On Panama City Beach!

Sail the tranquil, beautiful waters along Panama City Beach and Shell Island on the Island Time or Island Time II Sailing Catamarans and enjoy The best dolphin watching Panama City Beach FL has to offer! Have a question? Visit our catamaran specific FAQ’s!

The Island Time

When the time comes to sail the beautiful waters along Panama City Beach and Shell Island, no one does it better than the crew of the Island Time sailing catamaran. At 50 feet long, the Island Time’s twin-hulls carry its passengers to explore the waters of St. Andrews Bay with as comfortable and smooth a ride as you can imagine. Come and experience the best sunset dolphin cruise Panama City Beach has to offer.

The Island Time II

Meet our latest addition to sail the picturesque waters along Panama City Beach and Shell Island! The Island Time II sailing catamaran was built in 2017 by the same builder that produced our original Island Time Catamaran. The Island Time II catamaran is 53′ long & 27′ wide and weighs in at 22,000lbs out of the water!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Island Time”?

The “Island Time” is our 50-foot long, wide-body sailing catamaran.

What is the “Island Time II”?

The “Island Time II” is our 53-foot long, 27-foot wide sailing catamaran and the newest addition to the Island Time Sailing family.

What is a catamaran?

A catamaran is a boat with 2 hulls instead of one (aka “twin-hull boat”). Our catamaran also has 2 sails that we can use to power the boat or our outboard engines mounted at the rear.

What is the difference between a sailboat and a catamaran?

Catamarans are more stable, have more room, and can go faster than their mono-hulled (having a single hull) counterparts. The stability of a catamaran is a huge plus when children and seniors are involved as it is much easier to stay on their feet. Also, you don’t get near as much rocking on a “cat”.

What is it like to ride on a catamaran?

The “Island Time” is a wide, stable sailing cruise catamaran that is a great ride when the waters are calm. If it is rough, we may recommend some motion sickness medication to keep you feel your best during your trip. We may even recommend you sit at the rear of the boat if you have a tendency to get “sea sick” because it is the most stable section of the boat.

How many passengers does the catamaran hold?

Our catamaran is weighted for 78, but we cap it at 65 to allow our passengers plenty of room to remain comfortable.

Are catamarans safe?

Yes, very! We have been doing this a long time and everyone has a great time!

Is there a bathroom on board?

Yes, there are 2 below deck.

Is the bathroom easily accessible?

To get to the restrooms, you must descend below deck using 4 steps. As long as you can get down, the bathrooms are right there.

Is it easy to get on board if you have a wheelchair or other physical limitation?

When coming aboard, you need to be able to go up a ramp and climb 2 steps (whether with assistance or while being carried).  We will gladly help you get your wheelchair on board ahead of you so that once you are on board you can sit back down. Also, once on board, we do have dedicated locations for our wheelchair-bound guests.

Is there any wind/rain protection?

We do have a partially covered bar that will offer some rain/sun protection, but the sides are open so you may still get a little wet if it rains.